Jordan & Shelbi’s Reception

Great finish to Jordan & Shelbi’s big day. As an onlooker, I love how into each other they are, especially during their first dance – but honestly Jordan & Grandma dancing makes me smile really big…

Kaitlynn’s Bridals + Kellen


We were originally hoping to snag a few nice clips from this bridal session to add to Kaitlynn & Kellen’s wedding video, but there was so many pure moments I quickly discovered that this outing deserved a film of its own. I love these opportunities to capture the anticipation for a bride and groom to be in a quiet moment without the  distraction of the wedding day, guests, receptions – just to be thinking of nothing other than each other. To watch Kellen take in his bride and the joyous moment they shared. Thanks guys!


LIttle Spud Boutique

Had so much fun with my girls doing this fun fashion photo shoot for the Little Spud Boutique. She’s got the cutest stuff!  Check her out here

Jordan & Shelbi @ the Salt Lake Temple

Jordan & Shelbi were so fun to be around on their wedding day. There were so many fun looks shared between them, sideways glances, and an obvious deep love for one another. So grateful to be a part of capturing it.



More to come from the reception. Stay tuned!

One big, happy family

What a fun family! Six beautiful kids! This is my sister’s family and I was lucky enough to take their family pictures. It was a fun evening at the park, luckily all the kids got in the water waist- deep after the pictures were taken

Strike a pose!

Abby is getting ready to turn 7 and we just had a blast taking pictures! She did not need to be posed-she was loving the camera and you can tell in the pictures-very photogenic!

Behind the Scenes at The Bing Bar in Park City

While shooting the award presentation of In Search of Incredible and intimate concert with Jason Mraz, I was fortunate to have some time to catch some highlights of the day as well as behind the scenes detail so I wanted to send this out to everyone that couldn’t be there

A Bride’s “Perfect Day”

This is a tribute to the bride as she goes through her wedding day and a range of emotions – it was fun to try and approach the film with a single perspective as typically we focus on the entirety of the day