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Based out of Salt Lake City, UT but we LOVE to travel

Optiq Foto by Maegan

 Growing up in Southern California, my favorite memories lie with the beach at sunset and life revolving around family. My love for photography has budded from the way I sees the details of life through my lens. Moments are Memories made to be captured. My favorite moments to capture evolve as I chase my 4 active children through life, making the most of their childhood. I love the opportunity to work as a team with my husband Mark enjoying a common hobby and helping people preserve the special moments in their lives. 

  Optiq Films by Mark

  I discovered Videography many years ago when my dad came home from work one day with a 2-Piece VCR/Camera combo that he had picked up at a government surplus auction. I spent hours upon hours making videos of interviews with my brothers and sister, filming lego battles, and nerf basketball contests. This interest in moving picture took me through high school where I helped pioneer a video journalism club, creating a weekly broadcast and learning to edit with a side by side editing deck and monitor. Videography has changed a lot since those days as I now use Digital HD to capture life in action, but my excitement for getting creative and having a great time are exactly the same!

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