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Nate and Katie walked into Cactus and Tropicals as just that:
Nate. and Katie.

They walked out “azerapartyof2” And happier than ever…

Nate & Katie at Cactus & Tropicals

Nate & Katie love each other, they also love chocolate! I had such a great time filming their wedding. It was a great experience watching their friends and family gather around them and the close relationships that they have. Good Luck Nate & Katie!

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Nothing more precious than a sleeping newborn baby!



I hope they call me on a mission!

This great “almost” sister missionary of the LDS church has just been called to serve a mission in California- actually not to far from where I am from! Her excitement really exuded through these pictures, good luck Rachelle!Stewart-36 Stewart-30 Stewart-37 Stewart-42

California favorites

We got to spend some time with our good friends from California. They came up to drop their oldest off to BYU, so we got to play a little bit. And even squeeze in a family picture!bray-9bray-16


Future so BRIGHT

We had so much fun at this photo shoot that I forgot that I was actually working! This very photogenic senior was so full of personality and was up for anything! I always enjoy  taking senior pictures because they usually really know what they want and this photo shoot is when you can really showcase their personality.Kira-8

Kira-37 Kira-63 kira-77


The rest of the story…

More of Nate & Amy’s wedding day needed to be shared. Amy asked for this song as she lived her “Fairy Tale Day”

Kellen & Kaitlynn at the Temple

What an amazing day at the temple with Kaitlynn & Kellen. One of the things I was most impressed with is that they were so relaxed and really enjoying the event. Congratulations you guys, thanks for the opportunity to work with you!

Jordan & Shelbi’s Reception

Great finish to Jordan & Shelbi’s big day. As an onlooker, I love how into each other they are, especially during their first dance – but honestly Jordan & Grandma dancing makes me smile really big…

Kaitlynn’s Bridals + Kellen


We were originally hoping to snag a few nice clips from this bridal session to add to Kaitlynn & Kellen’s wedding video, but there was so many pure moments I quickly discovered that this outing deserved a film of its own. I love these opportunities to capture the anticipation for a bride and groom to be in a quiet moment without the  distraction of the wedding day, guests, receptions – just to be thinking of nothing other than each other. To watch Kellen take in his bride and the joyous moment they shared. Thanks guys!