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I’ll take over the Fight

I guess you could say that this film is the latest in the story of Daniel and Melanie… In the process of dealing with Cancer, Daniel wrote this song as a tribute to Melanie. Dan wanted to create a good recording of the song, so we spent some time and set up a “recording studio” in Dan’s back bedroom so we could record the song. Once we had a great copy of the song it was only natural to create something of a music video, and here is our result


Sunset and Sandy Beaches make us smile

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Footprints in the sand

They say that luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Some images prove this is the case - Convincing a 2 year old to pose, next to impossible. Being ready to capture her natural curiosity, AMAZING!

A family that Plays together…

Our original Caption for this photo was, " A family that plays together stays together" as is the motto of this amazing family - hard to argue with that, so lets reuse that caption here!

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