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Dan & Mel

Daniel and Melanie are not exactly newly weds. They’ve been married for about 4 years but clearly they still have that “fresh in love” aura about them. They have an amazing story to tell and we’ll get some links up to that in the future. For now, we’re just excited that we can spend some fun time “kickin it” with them!

Played to the tune Kickin with you by Dan’s favorite artist Jason Mraz

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Footprints in the sand

They say that luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Some images prove this is the case - Convincing a 2 year old to pose, next to impossible. Being ready to capture her natural curiosity, AMAZING!

Jared & Sarin

We had a great time with Sarin and Jared on their special day. What a great couple who are not just smokin’ hot; but fun to boot! They made it SO easy for us to turn out Amazing photographs that really reveal how they are together. We were taken back by their sideways smiles at each other and their obvious enjoyment that comes from being together. Thanks guys for letting us document your Wedding.

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Why so serious?

Family Shots in the studio - Fun to get these guys having a great time, especially happy baby!

One thing about this little gal... she kept an eye on us and our cameras to make sure we were behaving

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A family that Plays together…

Our original Caption for this photo was, " A family that plays together stays together" as is the motto of this amazing family - hard to argue with that, so lets reuse that caption here!

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Business Portrait

As a real estate agent one of the number one things you need to promote is yourself - in that case, lets get a great portrait and get started!

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