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An Amazingly Happy Beginning


Melanie and Dan have an amazing story, it features Love, Sorrow, Pain, Faith, Despair, but above all else there is HOPE in their story. This film is the culmination of the hope that they share, the JOY they deserve

One big, happy family

What a fun family! Six beautiful kids! This is my sister’s family and I was lucky enough to take their family pictures. It was a fun evening at the park, luckily all the kids got in the water waist- deep after the pictures were taken


I’ll take over the Fight

I guess you could say that this film is the latest in the story of Daniel and Melanie… In the process of dealing with Cancer, Daniel wrote this song as a tribute to Melanie. Dan wanted to create a good recording of the song, so we spent some time and set up a “recording studio” in Dan’s back bedroom so we could record the song. Once we had a great copy of the song it was only natural to create something of a music video, and here is our result

Dan & Mel

Daniel and Melanie are not exactly newly weds. They’ve been married for about 4 years but clearly they still have that “fresh in love” aura about them. They have an amazing story to tell and we’ll get some links up to that in the future. For now, we’re just excited that we can spend some fun time “kickin it” with them!

Played to the tune Kickin with you by Dan’s favorite artist Jason Mraz

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Sand between our toes

Sometimes you’ve just got to get your feet wet to have a good time!

Why so serious?

Family Shots in the studio - Fun to get these guys having a great time, especially happy baby!

One thing about this little gal... she kept an eye on us and our cameras to make sure we were behaving

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A family that Plays together…

Our original Caption for this photo was, " A family that plays together stays together" as is the motto of this amazing family - hard to argue with that, so lets reuse that caption here!

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We had the chance to assist some great friends when they got their family all together. Beautiful fall day – love the colors and especially the family interraction!

Did we mention we love water? Especially calm reflective gorgeous rivers with beautiful families perched in front of them

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As a photographer I’m always on the hunt for that great picture spot. Spending countless hours going on walks and drives to find the money shot. What I love about Idaho is all the seasons, especially Fall. Just last week I happened upon the coolest location! The funny part is, Walmart is just on the other side of this field, but you would never know! So I was anxious to take the Rhotons here. What a wonderful family! I can’t get over how amazing the mom looks! She is so young and beautiful, especially after having 10 kids! Yes I said that right 10 kids and they are having another one!

It was so fun to laugh in between shots with all those kids, especially their youngest son! He was just hamming it up for the camera! In fact, mom kept saying “don’t smile too hard or your ‘Joker smile’ will come out !” Fun times- Rhoton family we look foward to taking your family photo when you have your next baby!

It’s always fun when you can capture those sweet family moments. This was one of those times, where the dad was standing there on a little hill with his kids showing them the beautiful harvest sunset and that was when I said “stay where you are and grab a hand!”