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An Amazingly Happy Beginning


Melanie and Dan have an amazing story, it features Love, Sorrow, Pain, Faith, Despair, but above all else there is HOPE in their story. This film is the culmination of the hope that they share, the JOY they deserve

Baby Mason

There truly is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby, this little guy is just three weeks old. I love love LOVE capturing this quick stage of newborn”ness”


Footprints in the sand

They say that luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Some images prove this is the case - Convincing a 2 year old to pose, next to impossible. Being ready to capture her natural curiosity, AMAZING!

Why so serious?

Family Shots in the studio - Fun to get these guys having a great time, especially happy baby!

One thing about this little gal... she kept an eye on us and our cameras to make sure we were behaving

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Hush little baby…

A mother’s love for her child is something that you can’t put into words, but you can in picture. I really enjoyed this time with mother and her baby as she was so tender and loving- posing was so natural. Newborns are my favorite!